” I knew it as soon as the words came out of my doctor’s mouth, “There are three spots that need attention…”

My wife knew it too and got a sick feeling in her stomach. Nobody had said the actual word, at least not yet, but there was no doubt in our minds. I had cancer.

Finding out I had prostate cancer was the scariest day. The second scariest day was the day I went for my first radiation treatment at the Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Centre in St. John’s. But the nurses quickly put my mind at ease. And over the next few months, it became a second home to us. We got to know other patients and families, supporting each other.

And as the weeks went on, I saw patients come in for their last treatment. This was no ordinary day. With their families and the nurses gathered around, they rang the Bell of Hope to celebrate reaching a big milestone on their cancer journey.

I started looking forward to ringing the bell myself. I knew my day would come. My doctors and the excellent care I was getting gave me a lot of hope.

Today, I hope you’ll renew your generosity by making a kind gift to the Dr. H Bliss Murphy Cancer Care Foundation. Your donation will help fund important equipment that can make a huge difference for patients like me.

With the support of my family and the caregivers at the Cancer Centre, I made it through 37 radiation treatments. Finally, it was time for the last one.

It was an emotional day – the happiest I had since I received my cancer diagnosis. With my family cheering me on, I rang that Bell of Hope. I rang it so hard I bet they heard it across the province.

On the last day, nurses came out of their offices to give me a hug. Other patients were all smiles imagining when it would be their turn. We were all filled with hope.

I carry that hope with me to this day. I’m now receiving hormone therapy – the final phase of my cancer treatment-and I feel great. My greatest wish is that I’ll be cancer free and able to enjoy lots more precious time with my beautiful family.

Right now, across Newfoundland and Labrador, there are so many people with the exact same wish and have the same hope for happier days.

Sincerely,  Alec Noseworthy – Grateful Patient