The Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Care Foundation is pleased to offer the Cancer Transition Program in Newfoundland and Labrador facilitated by the Oncology Social Work team of the Cancer Care Program of Eastern Health.

Cancer survivors nationwide have expressed the need for more encouragement and support with nutrition, exerciseemotional health, and medical management: the primary issues discussed in each session of this program. Participants meet for a 2 ½ hour session each week for six (6) consecutive weeks. Expert presentations, group discussion, and an emphasis on setting and achieving active goals, will ensure that participants receive a unique and enriching experience.

One of the most important aspects of this program is the fact that everyone participating will learn from one another and will realize that they are not alone. This is a special opportunity to connect with other people living with similar experiences and to talk about issues and concerns. At the end of 6 weeks we hope that you will feel a renewed sense of energy and ability to cope with life after treatment. There is one follow-up “Booster” session that will be held four weeks after the core program ends to reinforce the primary lessons learned.


Each of the 6 sessions focus on one survivorship skill-set:

  • Get Back to Wellness: Take Control of Your Survivorship
  • Exercise for Wellness: Customized Exercise
  • Emotional Health and Well-Being: From Patient to Survivor
  • Nutrition Beyond Cancer
  • Medical Management Beyond Cancer: What You Need to Know
  • Moving Beyond Treatment: Next Steps Towards Survivorship

The Cancer Transitions program also features:

  • A weekly 30 minute exercise program tailored for the needs of cancer survivors
  • Training in relaxation and stress management
  • Group discussion and support
  • Resources for additional information


The next session of Cancer Transitions will be held in Spring 2021. For more information on this program please feel free to email us at

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