From the moment Susan walks into the Cancer Centre in St. John’s, she feels it. The tension and fear disappear. Patients break into delighted smiles and some laugh out loud.

It’s not Christmas yet, but Susan has dressed up like a mummer. And in this place of healing and hope, she is most welcome. Susan is a patient here too. Since being diagnosed with breast cancer last December, she’s become acutely aware of the importance of time. She’s determined to make the most of every precious moment for herself, her daughters and the people in the Cancer Centre.

“When my girls think of Mommy having chemo and going through cancer, they don’t think of me curled up in a ball, crying. They think of me as being positive and having fun and they know they don’t have to be scared,” says Susan.

And so Susan dresses up in costume when she comes for her chemotherapy. And she makes the time she and the other patients spend here as enjoyable as possible. Susan isn’t the only patient thinking about time. It’s on the mind of almost everyone diagnosed with cancer. Their biggest hope is to have more of it – to laugh with friends, take their kids to school, and hold their dear one close at night.