Apr 23, 2013

Yetman Shingles, Shea Heights

Marie Rowsell celebrates husband and father

Barbara Byrne

Fayne & Wayne March

Susan Garland celebrates survivors

Marion Rideout celebrates survivors

Joan Alston celebrates survivors

Eileen Meaney celebrates survivors

Ann Frost celebrates survivors

Beachside Manor celebrates survivors

Jean McDonald celebrates survivors

Keith White celebrates Madelaine Mercer

Edna & Edgar Spurrell celebrates survivors

Terry Snow celebrates survivors

Daisey Mayo celebrates survivors

Angela Noel celebrates survivors

Ralph Button celebrates survivors

Bernice Clarke celebrates survivors

Martin Marsden celebrates survivors

Lena Ryan celebrates survivors

Bert and Bessie Noseworthy celebrates survivors

Elizabeth Wall celebrates survivors

Marguerite Payne celebrates survivor Christy Squires and remembers sister Ruth

Solance Power celebrates Jack Power

Willa Lavalee celebrates survivors

Mona French celebrates husband Stephen

Dawes Auto Service celebrates husband and niece

Ron Walsh celebrates survivors

Marion Chafe celebrates survivors

Olive Hussey

Glenna Ash in honor of grandchildren and great grandchildren

Amelia Loder celebrates survivors

Kevin and Brenda Chaytor celebrates survivors

David Organ celebrates survivors

Janet Doran and Richard celebrates survivors

Kay Houlihan celebrates son and daughter

Ronald Skinner celebrates survivors

William Squires celebrates survivors

Frank Rose celebrates survivors

Debbie Ellsworth celebrates survivors

Marion Lewis celebrates husband, Ralph

Marlene Cluett celebrates survivors

Roland Crumby celebrates survivors

Lloyd Snow celebrates survivors

Kate & Cecil Handrigan celebrates survivors

Gay Philips celebrates survivors

Joan Smith celebrates survivors

Zita Williams celebrates brother Thomas and remembers father Thomas Clark

Clarence Eddy celebrates wife, Blanche

Eileen Costello celebrates survivors

Kelston Roche celebrates survivors

Kim Squires celebrates survivor mom, Kathleen Squires

Daphne Peach celebrates survivors

Patrick Phillips celebrates survivors

Grand Toyota celebrates survivor Jason Thistle

Rick Mercer celebrates survivors

Bob and Matleen White celebrates survivors and remembers loved ones

Vivian and Wayne Farewell celebrates survivors mom and dad

Woodrow Wheaton celebrates daughter, Shelley Lynn

Bernice Mehaney celebrates survivors and remembers loved ones

Howard Roberts celebrates survivors and remembers loved ones

Mark Critch celebrates mother, Mary

Frank Blagdon celebrates wife, Darlene

Terry O’Reilly celebrates survivors and remembers wife, Delores

Sadie Callihan celebrates survivors and remembers loved ones

Neil Mcleod celebrates survivors

Heber Bonnell celebrates survivors

donation on behalf of Sophie, Lauren and Molly

Allan and Shirley Poole celebrates survivors

Julia French celebrates survivors and remembers loved ones

Winnie Tremblett celebrates survivors and remembers loved ones

Mary Bonnell celebrates survivors and remembers loved ones

Rita Pennell celebrates survivors

Margaret Crocker celebrates survivor Edgar Crocker

Kathleen Park celebrates survivors

Hilda Barnes celebrates survivors

Myra Bennett celebrates sister, Rowena Turner

Sarah Quinton celebrates survivors

Phyllis Molloy celebrates survivors and remembers loved ones

Rosie Moulton celebrates survivors

Joan Smith celebrates survivors

Lisa and Derrick Snow celebrates mother Wavey Manuel

donation from Keith Combden

Beverley Hillier celebrates mother, Jenny Bonnett

donation from Melvin Decker

Vitality Hair Salon celebrates all client survivors

Ben Whittle celebrates survivor pop Kevin Costello

Dianne Dooley celebrates survivors and remembers mom

Pauline Fudge in honor of husband Sean Fudge

Judy Sears celebrates survivors and remembers loved ones

Pearl Coombs celebrates survivors

donation from Cynthia Farrell

Jean Fleming celebrates survivors

Mary Walsh celebrates husband and sister in law and friends currently in treatment

Linda Hayes celebrates daughter in law, Vonda Wareham

Cathy Howse celebrates survivors

Roy Bryne celebrates survivors

Wayne White celebrates wife and brother

Joyce Bonnell celebrates sister Evelyn and sister Malinda

Janet Martin celebrates survivors

Marilyn and Don Parsons celebrates survivors – thanks Staff

Frazer Smith celebrates survivors

Angela Wells celebrates survivors and remembers loved ones

donation from Margaret Conners

Marjorie Maher celebrates survivors

Mike Goosney celebrates survivors

Ronda Chafe celebrates Candice Broomfield

Dennis England celebrates survivors

Ann Marie Warford celebrates Gord Warford

Roy & Diane Benoit celebrates survivors and honors all relatives and friends especially nephew, Adam

Brian Druken celebrates survivors










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