Apr 23, 2013

Deslphine Cunningham remembers son, Tom Cunningham

Sharon and Wayne Puddicombe remembers Nathan Houlihan

Ina Bartlett remembers loved ones

Elizabeth Harnum remembers husband and father Sterling Harnum

Thomas Humphries remembers Elda and Fred Humphreys, Sister Ruby and brother Howard

Daughter Cathy, Dave, Kayla and David Young remembers John Hasey

Charlotte Pippy remembers sister Lillian

Diane Hepditch remembers loved ones

Leona Hagan remembers mother Rita Hagan

Rosanna Campagnon remembers William Shelley

Margaret Lacey remembers husband, Al Lacey

Mary Edwards remembers husband, father and grandfather Chris Edwards

Clarice Adams remembers Edward and Sadie Smith

Francis Byrne remembers sister and mother

Mona Perry remembers husband, Dawson Perry

Ada Canning remembers Ken Canning and Joan Matchim

Geraldine Young remembers Sarah and Lester Careen and cancer survivor Judy Irene

Edna Dove remembers loved ones and celebrates survivors

Keith White remembers Ron White

Alma and Albert Jackson remembers loved ones

Christina Burt remembers loved ones

Wells Financial remembers loved ones and celebrates survivors

Mel and Betty Frost remembers loved ones

Richard and Anne Marie Budgell remembers John Croke

Gloria Seward and Jane remembers sister and daughter Ena

Jean Mercer remembers Betty Bursey

Charles McDonald remembers Maude Boyd

Mercedes Silver remembers husband, Tony Silver

Lorne Youden remembers parents, Fred and Adelia Youden, Maxwell and Dorothy Roberts, and brother Austin Roberts

Jamie Seymour remembers loved ones

Kathleen and George Power remembers loved ones

Madeline McCaul  remembers Gerite Shannahan and Fabian Shannahan

Judy Antle remembers Marion Chafe

Anna Gushue remembers Patrick Burke

Carletta Power remembers Cynthia McNeil and Marion Wiscombe

English Harbour West Lioness remembers members of Lioness Club

Reg & Annie King remembers Albin King

Jane Hynes remembers Richard Hynes and Kerri Hynes

Raymond Hindy remembers Beverly Reid

Nile Tisdal remembers loved ones

Rhoda Parsons remembers sister and brother

Cecilia Bishop remembers husband George Bishop

Marina and Brendan Donovan remembers loved ones

June Hunt remembers husband

Mom and Dad, Jim and Christine Pelley remembers Bobby Pelley

Sarah Slaney remembers mom, Theresa Slaney

Marion Trahey remembers Natasha Trahey and Raymond Green

Judy Picco remembers father in law Peter Picco and best friend Dorothy Picco

Dave and Jan Conway remembers loved ones

Nick Walsh remembers nephew, Michael Connors

John and Marg Hann remembers Mary Hann, Carmel Philips

Harvey and Ann Saunders remembers loved ones

Kevin O’Keefe remembers wife, Sharon Walsh

Terry McGee remembers Cory Pirotia

Duane Atkinson remembers loved ones

Kathleen Williams remembers Williams Family

Bessie Jesso remembers Boyd Jesso

Margaret Savoury remembers Hubert Savoury

Heather Short remembers David Sheppard

Wendy & George Piercey remembers Clarence Hann

Donald Sparkes remembers father John C. Sparkes and father in law Willis Sparkes

Roberta Pritchett remembers loved ones

Betty and Alex Williams remembers loved ones

Annie Dines remembers George Short

Blair Philips remembers Phillips and Whelan Family and Patrick Grace

Barbara Porter remembers brother, Rodney Cossar

Shirley Boone remembers loved ones

Vivian Careen remembers Geroge Leonard

Joan Martin remembers sister Ivy Parmiter

Debbie Benoit remembers Dan and Bernie

Bob Baker remembers Andy Dunne

Mary V. Molloy remembers husband Patrick Molloy

Patsy Cox remembers Judy Lynn Cox

Phyllis Stagg remembers Dad, Charles Stratton

Clara & Neville Abbott remembers mother Gladys Hodder

Mary Peddle remembers mom, Leah and brother, Ray

Patsy Jackson remembers Tom Jackman and Jerome and Bobby Jackman

Albert Hudson remembers loved ones

Fred Wells remembers loved ones

Pat Atkins remembers wife Mell

Roberta Flemming remembers sister and arents in laws and celebrates survivor her sister

Victoria and David Edison remembers twin sister Theresa and brother Larry

Cybil Chubbs remembers husband Sterling

Fred and Marion Purchase remembers Rosalind Purchase

Leo and Margaret Duke remembers Madeline Gambin and celebrates survivors

Olga Hiscock remembers Philip Hiscock

Raymond Morgan remembers Mary Morgan

Mary and Henry Lake remembers Gerry and Monnie

Marie Holland remembers husband, Al Holland

Elizabeth Snook remembers Leo Snook

Hansen and Irene Dalton remembers loved ones

Nelson Troake remembers Ida Troake

Brenda Hobbs remembers co-worker Donna Young

Alfred Marsh remembers loved ones

Fred and Linda Williams remembers 3 sisters and celebrates survivors

Alan Murphy Mobile Welding remembers Barbara Murphy

Charlene Clarke remembers loved ones

Bonnie Kavanagh remembers dad, Tim Kavanagh

Helen Kearley remembers loved ones

Kathleen and Jake Spurrell remembers loved ones and celebrates survivors

Lorne & Pansy Andrews remembers loved ones and in honor of grand daughter Ava

John Follett remembers brother and sister in law

Kelly and Dion Foote remembers Doug Wiseman, Sadie Gillingham and Rose Foote

Mary Duke remembers Rita Stang

Carol Ann Parsons remembers Dad, Thomas Walsh

Lucy Pardy remembers daughter, Rosann Pardy and other family and friends

John Delaney remembers wife, Joan

Theresa Butt remembers husband James Butt

Brian Roach remembers sister in law Rose Mcgue

Francis Whiffen remembers loved ones

Kerri Hayley remembers loved ones Kerry Hayley, Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunt and Unlce

Daphne and George Greenland remembers parents

Ernest Jones remembers brother, Herbert Jones

Wanda Murphy remembers Dad, George Murphy

Robert and Minnie Gullage remembers daughter Judy Cornick

Shirley Patey remembers brother and Uncle

David Acreman remembers mom, Madeline Acreman

Mae Shears remembers loved ones

Diane Bishop remembers Earl Bishop

Regina Hemeon remembers Mom and Dad, Rita and Ambrose Tracey

Muriel Mullins and Bill Mullins remembers son, Tyrone

Frances Scott remembers David Scott

May Simmonds remembers husband, Tony

Charlie and Victoria Blundon remembers loved ones

Mary Walsh remembers husband, Mike

Patricia Kettle remembers husband, Nathan Kettle

Mary Elms remembers loved ones

Johanne Tilley remembers father, Winston Tilley

Ellis Hodder remembers Gladys Hodder

Patricia O’Brien Ryan remembers Aunt Catherine Upshall

Tanya Drover is remembered by son, Tyler

Patricia Baker remembers brother, David and Uncle Bill

Sherman and Samantha remembers Maxine Merrick and celebrate survivor Kimberley Rideout

Martin McCarthy remembers brother Tom McCarthy

Suzanne Rowe remembers Doris Pope and celebrates survivor son, Bradley Rowe

Trixie Hunt and Percy Hunt celebrates survivors and remembers loved ones

Ruth Acreman celebrates survivors and remembers loved ones

Michael Lee remembers sister, Eileen

Angela Afonso remembers Jack, Tony and Gary Pittman

Rita Green remembers husband, Robert Green and loved ones

Kathleen Ryan remembers brothers and sisters

Don and Barb Field remembers loved ones

Mary Cluett celebrates survivors and remembers loved ones

Christine and Bill Burke remembers Brendan and Reg Johnson and Jackie Burke

Mary and Peter Blum remembers brother, George

Norman Hamen remembers mother, father, sister and brother

William Bragg remembers father, Jim Bragg

Tonya, Jason, Alex and Avery Pelly remembers Bobby Pelly

Valma Parsons remembers friend, Florence Wood

Maureen Noftle remembers loved ones

Jane Halfyard remembers loved ones

Linda Spencer remembers loved ones and celebrates survivor Joan

Betty Harding remembers Margaret Walsh and Olive Harding

Cory Pennell remembers grandfather, Steven Callahan

Brian and Roxan Cornect remembers Llewelyn Ballent

Alberta Broydell celebrates survivors and remembers loved ones

Hope and Lewis Rowsell remembers sister and nephew

Ken Thompson remembers loved ones, Gus, Frank, Kevin and Leo

Seymour Fowlow remembers wife, Anne

Bob Webber remembers brother, Gerald Webber

Sherry Gambin-Walsh remembers Garth Pitcher

Frank and Norma Goulding remembers son in law, Gordon Bernard

Angela and Ramsey Lambert remember Edna Doyle

Theresa Murray remembers nephew, Elias Hawco

Frank and Dianna Hounsell remembers Donald Pond

Cecil Penny remembers brother Carl Penny and other family members

Rosalie Johnson remembers husband, Lewis Johnson

Alexandra Dillon remembers husband, Leo Dillon

Jane Slade and Scott Slade remembers Rose Gulage

William and Bernadette Bonnell remembers loved ones

Melvin Breon remembers grandfather, Frank Breon, Aunt Marelon Chafe, Grandson and Nephew William Breon

Diane Ryan and Doug Grace remembers loved ones in Grace and Ryan Family

Joyce Goodyear remembers Maureen Stagg and Thomas W. Stagg

Patricia Mahoney remembers loved ones

Tom Murphy remembers wife, Gloria and daughter Janet

Vickie Freake remembers Kay Sheppard

Anne O’Brien remembers Michael T. O’Brien

Noreen Careen remembers loved ones

Mary Matthews remembers sister Hazel Sacrey

Eileen Keating remembers Keith Keating and father, Joe Wade

Effie Waterman remembers Keith Lane






























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